Solid, proven and powerful. TCP/IP Connectivity, Management and Application libraries for building network and internet-based products for embedded systems.

Libraries Instead of Source Code?

There are many reasons that a product developer may not need all of the source code for an embedded device project. Maybe your product volumes will be too low to support the cost of licensing all of the code used in your product. Perhaps you don't have the expertise on staff or don't feel comfortable negotiating all of the licenses. It doesn't really matter, what is important is that if you want networking and don't need or want the source code, now you don't have to have it. With its Embedded Networking Libraries, InterNiche is offering TCP/IP protocols and application libraries at a fraction of the cost of the source code.

What are Embedded Networking Libraries?

Simply put, our Embedded Libraries are the link-time equivalent of the battle-proven TCP/IP source-code products that have been shipped in hundreds of millions of products worldwide. They come pre-compiled with a choice of industry-leading tool chains, they include an RTOS, example programs, complete documentation and can be configured to fit your needs.

All Embedded Libraries feature a small memory footprint, are RFC compliant and are available on an ever-growing list of microcontrollers and microprocessors.

What is included with the Embedded Libraries?

Do I get more than just a ".lib"?

Every embedded library product includes DEBUG and NON-DEBUG libraries, technical documentation, example applications and any product source code required to "port" to your particular hardware. For example, if the Ethernet block of the development board used by InterNiche in creating the library contains an external PHY, then the source code for the PHY driver is provided to you so you need not use the same one that was selected by our particular board vendor. Similarly, if the Ethernet MAC driver is external to the controller, its source code is provided with the base package (embTCP or embDual).

From a Trustworthy Source

Each Embedded Library is based on NicheStack™ source code network protocol modules from InterNiche Technologies, which has been developing embedded software for Internet devices since 1989. NicheStack embedded protocols have been deployed in automotive communications systems, cell phones, medical equipment, consumer electronics, wireless devices, industrial process control, DSL modems, routers, satellite applications and many others.

Are the embLibraries right for you?

  • Is your budget too small to afford source code?
  • Do you want to eliminate the "ramp up" time often associated with learning or integrating a source code product into your own project?
  • Do you just need a low-touch solution for prototype development?
  • Are your technical requirements straightforward and you just don't need source code?
  • Do you want the source code but only your proof-of-concept efforts are approved?
  • Would you feel more comfortable starting with a pre-integrated package that includes a popular RTOS, communication stacks and Ethernet driver?

If any of these reasons fit your needs, then your project is an exact fit for our Embedded Libraries.

Licensing, etc.

Every embLibrary is software-locked to a particular microcontroller and licensed to a development project. There is no per-copy royalty, no limit to the number of developers who can use it and as long as it is used on the same controller for the same product the license never expires.

Who Is Behind This?

Both the NicheStack family of protocol source code and the embLibraries come from InterNiche Technologies, Inc., the clear leader in small-footprint networking software. For source code information, please visit or contact